I am from Charlotte, NC originally.  After graduating from Chapel Hill (yes, I went to Carolina:)), I spent some time in graduate school with the idea of one day becoming a vet.  When I realized there was no way I could handle all the sad stuff that could go along with that career choice, I changed gears and moved to Columbia, SC to be a zoo keeper at Riverbanks Zoo.  After 4 years of working with all sorts of exotics from big cats to monkeys, (and meeting my future husband!), I changed gears again and began working with SC's native critters as the Rehabilitation Director at Carolina Wildlife Care.  I had worked with all sorts of animals, but my heart had always been with DOGS!  So after 2 years of rescuing and raising injured and orphaned wildlife, I set after my dream.  With the help of my wonderful parents and soon to be husband, we opened A Paw's Paradise in January of 2007 with the idea of providing something different.  At the time, the only dog "daycares" in Columbia offered a kennel with a few walks in between.  I am so proud of what A Paw's Paradise has become, a fun place for dogs and a wonderful community...scratch that...FAMILY of dog lovers.

Jessica McCartha


What are the benefits?

What is Dog Daycare???

The McCartha Bunch

Learn to Socialize

Dogs are very social animals, but they need to be able to practice!  APP gives your dog a chance to Be a dog.  They can learn how to interact and take cues from others in supervised groups. Its great to start at a young age, but its never too late!


Get rid of Energy!

Many unwanted, "bad" behaviors at home can be remedied by exercise!  Many of us don't seem to have the time or energy for the long walks and runs that our dogs actually need.  A day at daycare can get rid of all their excess energy that can often lead to destructive behaviors at home.


Home away from Home

You never know when an emergency will hit and you will need to find care for your dog.  It doesn't sound like any fun to sit alone in a kennel and wonder "Where are mom and dad?". At APP there are tons of things going on through out the day to act as fun distractions, so there's no time to think!

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The Johns Crew

Meet Our Team

Jessie is a Columbia native in every sense.  She was born and raised in the Irmo area, graduated from Gilbert High School, and like every good Columbian is a die hard Carolina fan.  And yes, we have many colorful debates of which is the "real" and which is the "other".  Originally going to school for physical therapy, Jessie also felt drawn to a career with dogs.  She began volunteering and later working at an animal shelter specializing as an adoption counselor (Which of course resulted in her acquiring dog #3!).  In 2010, I was lucky enough to add her to the Paw's Paradise family and she has been a blessing ever since.  Jessie has an obvious love and passion for dogs and seeing her with them, its clear they feel the same way about her.  She has helped APP leap into the world of Facebook (I'm a bit slow in the techie sense) and is our resident dog food guru (or as I call her, our food nazi).  She has even recently started her own homemade doggie treat business...Dirty Mutt Cafe!  She and her wonderful dog loving boyfriend are also the proud parents of 4 fur kids.

At A Paw's Paradise, dog daycare is so much more than just dog sitting.  APP is a place for your dog to be a dog...run, play, wrestle, chase, sniff, explore, socialize, and of course to get lots of belly rubs! No matter your dog's energy level or age, APP can offer them a stimulating day while you're away.  With three outdoor grassed and astro-turfed yards, there is plenty of room for all the crazy romping required by your energetic pup, or for plenty of exploring and sniffing by your lazy lovable pooch.  Either way, its a full day of stimulation and exercise for your loved ones.  Even if the weather isn't cooperating, we have wall to wall rubber flooring in our indoor areas to provide a safe place for wrestling and playing.  At the end of the day, our goal is to send home a tired, happy dog!

Stacey Johns