Boarding Rates


We strongly encourage all pet parents to bring their dog's regular food, because a sudden change in diet may result in digestive problems and discomfort. If possible, please separate food into meal size portions and store in individual bags (this helps us especially during busy times so that we can spend less time prepping food and more time playing with your dog). Please label all food with your dog's name and provide us with feeding instructions.  If you do not provide food, we can supply kibble at $2.00/day for dogs up to 30 lbs, $5.00/day for dogs over 30 lbs).  You may also provide treats, if desired.

Please clearly label all medications with the dog’s name, type of medication, dosage, and schedule.

Our boarders are also a part of our daycare groups.  The only difference is they go to their rooms typically by 8 or 8:30 for breakfast and around 5:30 or 6 for dinner.  We give them at least 20 minutes rest time before eating and at least 30 minutes after eating before they can start playing again.  We also come in every night of the week for a late night visit to give everyone a chance for one more pee break because no one should have to hold it for that long!

Weekends are a little different as we are not open for full day daycare but we are in for breakfast, lunch and dinner so they can still get plenty of playtime, typically at least 45 minutes at each visit.

What you need bring:

What to Expect


For first time boarders, please bring completed application forms and vaccination records. For regular boarders, please bring vaccination records as updated. These can be brought in person or emailed prior to drop-off. 

Home away from Home

Price (per 24 hours):

1st Dog: $33.00

2nd Dog (if staying in same room): $17.00

3rd Dog+ (if staying in same room): $15.00

Reservations for boarding can be made through email, over the phone, or in person. 



We have plenty of bowls, beds, toys, blankets etc., but if your dog has something special from home that might make their stay a little more homey, please feel free to bring as much or as little as you'd like. For safety reasons we do not allow rawhides or tennis balls.  When picking toys to send, please keep in mind that they may not return in one piece, we do our best to keep them safe, but every now and then they do get snuck out into the general population!  

You never know when an emergency will hit and you will need to find care for your dog.  It doesn't sound like any fun to sit alone in a kennel and wonder "Where are mom and dad?" At APP there are tons of things going on through out the day to act as fun distractions, so there's no time to think!

Dog Boarding

Our Boarding rates include daycare and are per 24 hours. We can charge half days depending on when they are dropped off and picked up. For instance, if you drop-off on a Friday evening and pick-up Sunday morning, we would charge 1.5 days rather than 2 as most places do.

There are discounts for families of dogs staying in the same room.

Please see the box below for pricing details.