Bath Time!

Save yourself the mess and let us do the dirty work!

Depending on size and coat, $5 to $15.

Referral Program

Tell your friends about us and you will receive a $20 credit for each new referral!!!

(803) 551-0323


APP operates primarily as a daycare which means even dogs who are boarding need to be able to fit in to the daycare environment.  

  • Current on Vaccinations (Rabies if over 6 months, Distemper combo, Kennel Cough/Bordetella, and *Influenza after 10/1/15)                            Some vets give the kennel cough vaccination yearly, but at APP we do require KC every 6 months                        As of Oct 1st 2015, all returning APP dogs will be required to have the canine influenza vaccine
  • Dog and people friendly
  • Spayed/neutered if over 7 months old
  • Flea Free!!!  (They must be on some form of flea control)
  • In good health (Just like any school or daycare, please leave your furry kids at home if they have been sick)

Boarding Rates

Our Boarding rates include daycare and are per 24 hours.  We can charge half days depending on when they are dropped off and picked up.  For instance, if you drop off on a Friday evening and pick up Sunday morning, we would charge 1.5 days rather than 2 as most places do.  There are also discounts for families of dogs staying in the same room.

1st dog: $33        2nd: $17         3rd +: $15


What to bring???

  • Food (or we can supply at $2/day for dogs up to 30 lbs, $5/day for over 30 lbs)
  • Forms (1st time only)
  • Vaccination records (1st time and as updated)
  • Medications
  • *Stuff *

*We have plenty of bowls, beds, toys, blankets etc., but if your dog has something special from home that might make their stay a little more homey, please feel free to bring as much or as little as you'd like.  For safety reasons we do not allow rawhides or tennis balls.  When picking toys to send, please keep in mind that they may not return in one piece, we do our best to keep them safe, but every now and then they do get snuck out into the general population!  

Daycare Rates

Our daycare runs on pass plans.  The more you buy upfront, the cheaper they are per day.  The package days can be used whenever you like and do not expire.  No half days.  2nd dog in same family receives 25% discount.

Daycare days are Monday thru Friday, 7:30-6:30 (we do take a break at lunch from 1 to 2:30).

1 day:    $24

5 day:    $110   ($22 per day)

10 day:  $190   ($19 per day)