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Dog Boarding

You never know when an emergency will hit, and you will need to find care for your pup. It doesn't sound like any fun to sit alone in a kennel and wonder, "Where is my family???".


At A Paw's Paradise, there are plenty of activities going on throughout the day to act as fun little distractions, so there's no time for your pup to be stressed or anxious missing their parents!

No matter your dog's energy level, age, or special needs, as long as they meet all of our requirements, APP can offer them a stimulating day while you're away. With multiple outdoor grassed and astro-turfed yards, there is plenty of room for all the crazy romping required by your energetic pup, or for plenty of exploring and sniffing by your lazy lovable pooch.

Special Belongings

We have plenty of bowls, beds, blankets, toys, etc., but if your dog has something special from home that might make their stay with us a little homier, please feel to bring as much or as little as you'd like. When picking what you want to send with your dog, please keep in mind that whatever you send may not return in perfect condition. We do our best to keep all items sent with your dog safe, however, every now and then certain items do get ruined/damaged when accidentally taken out into the general population.


If your dog is on any medications/supplements, please make sure to bring them with you and tell one of our staff members at drop off time what they are. Please make sure that all medications/supplements are in their original container and labeled correctly. If the medications/supplements are not in their original container, please make sure to label the container with the dog's name, type of medication/supplement, dosage, and schedule.  

Other Stuff

For first time boarders, please make sure that you have given us your dog's completed application and current vaccination records. If you have not sent them in advance, please make sure to bring them at drop off time. If your dog is a returning boarder, please make sure to bring your dog's updated vaccination records as needed.

Please also make our staff aware if your dog has any allergies or digestive/food sensitivities.

Food & Treats

We strongly encourage all pet parents to bring their dog's regular food, this is because a sudden change in diet may result in digestive problems and discomfort. If possible, please separate food into meal size portions and store in individual bags. Please label all food with your dog's name and provide us with feeding instructions. If you do not provide food, we can supply our house food at $4.00 per dog/per feeding. You can also send some of your dog's favorite treats to have during their stay. 

What to bring for an overnight stay?

Feeding bowls and toys for pet on yellow background.jpg

Boarding Rates

Boarding is charged by the night with pick up by 1:00 pm. If picked up after 1:00 pm, a half day charge will be added.

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